Hey you! Thanks for looking around. I’m Joanna. Or Joanna Banana as my dad likes to call me.

Joanna Taylor

My main roll in life is mom. But I’m more than that. I’m Mom, Mama, Mommy, Meanest-mom-in-the-world, and Best-mom-in-the-world. I have four kids and on any given day I’m called all these names. (Are you giggling because you are too?) I’m also homework helper, chauffeur, therapist, cheerleader, cook, personal shopper, crisis avert-er, and more.

And even though I feel exasperated often, there’s nothing I treasure more than being those things. Because these babies (even the sixteen year old is still my baby), are mine. They believe in me, and I believe in them. Like every parent, I’m fully sure that these guys are capable of changing the world.

Joanna Taylor Family


I’m also “not just a mom.” I’m a student of life. I love learning about people. I love seeing relationships in the natural rhythm of family life. I like seeing the patterns in childhood. Simply put, I love love. Families are love.

I also happen to be pretty good at taking pictures of love – and sometimes tears, shyness, and yes, even occasional stubbornness. So this is what I do. I’m a photographer not because it’s something to do (my “to-do list” is already plenty long), but because I truly believe in the power of the family, the power of relationships, and the power of love. More than that, I believe in the power of holding a photo in your hands, and knowing that even in 40 years down the road it will evoke immediate memories of what life was like right at that moment.

So let’s get together and tell your story of love. USE THE CONTACT FORM ABOVE TO BOOK YOUR SESSION.  Or, simply give me a call at 801 414 8720

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Joanna Taylor has been a professional photographer for eight years and serves Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties.